Monday, November 2, 2009

Conversations on Hangouts

Hangouts are places and destinations we visit with friends or family quite regularly. There are some specific Tourists spots in the town or city where all tourists hang out.

Now, coming to English language, holding Conversations on Hangouts requires the use of perfect expressions and sentence structures

Attend this session on Conversation on Hangouts to find out how.

You can book your separate date and timings as well

Conversations on Looks

Commenting on how others look, is pretty common. It's all about how people dress up, how they carry themselves and how they present themselves to others.

Check out this Session on Conversations on Looks

Book the same session for a date and time that suits you

Session on Prepositions

Wherever I teach, whichever student I teach, I spend hours discussing Prepositions and their application.Check out this link to a class I conducted on Prepositions for everyone.

Session 2 on Spoken English: Prepositions for Everyone

I would have a repeat session for this class for any student who wants it at a convenient timings

Conversations in the Market, Shops, Super-markets, Hyper-markets

As we shop around a local store, there are so many things to talk about. We talk to the salesperson about the quality, quantity, variety, features, price range, brand of the product. We could also end up meeting someone known/unknown n the supermarket and share opinions about the place.

While holding these Conversations, we need to speak the right words at the right time.

Have a look at the Session 1 of Spoken English classes and you can request for a repeat class at a convenient timings.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Conversation and Dialogues

I found this helpful work online. Highly recommended for practicing Conversations

Simple Present Tense

I found this simple to understand and easy to follow presentation on the net

Conversation on colors/ colours

Hold a conversation with your friend to discuss the colors you both like and dislike and what they signify.

Friday, September 4, 2009


as a Noun, initiative is the ability to start something new without anyone's support. The word intitiative translates into Hindi as पहल


Synonymous with increase(Noun), hike can be translated in Hindi as वृद्धि

The school can hike the fees only after gaining approval from the Government:
स्कूल केवल सरकार की सहमति से फीस वृद्धि कर सकता है


irate is an adjective implying that the person is angry.
When translated into Hindi it becomes क्रोधित or गुस्से में

Conversation on Review of a movie

You watched a movie yesterday. Discuss the review with a friend who hasn't watched the movie. You begin with the opinion of the general public followed by your opinion. It's not necessary to narrate each and every dialogue.

Conversation on Selling a mobile phone

You are a Sales person/Shop owner selling a mobile phone to an irate customer who wants the best bargain.

Conversation on hike in school fees

Your son/daughter or younger brother/sister has been promoted to the next grade. But, the fee structure has been revised. Discuss the hike in school fees with your sister.

This situation was discussed in one of my public session on I Speak You Speak English. I along with another participant Mr. Amit, carried out the conversation. The script was written by Harshil Bhandari and me.

After planning the Conversation, we carried out the conversation:

Amit- Hi sis, how are you?
Namrata Hi brother I am fine. How are things going out at home?
Amit- Everything is okay. Ah.. Dad not well since last one week.
Namrata What happened?
Amit- Just change in season. So, a bit of cough and all that
Namrata Okay! I forgot to speak to Papa, I'll speak to him today.
Amit- Before I forget he has changed his cell. So, you note down his new cell no.
Namrata Yeah! I'll do that. Just message it to me.
Amit- Okay! I'll SMS it to you.
Namrata Hows mom?
Amit- She's fine. And how your business is going on?
Namrata It's going on very well and we've got 2 new clients this week. I'll update you and hows Riya? What is she doing?
Amit- There's a good news for you. She scored 85% in her 11th standard.
Namrata Okay! That's very nice! Did she get admission in her old school, the one where she was pursuing her +1?
Amit- Now, there's a doubt in her mind. I mean, yesterday I was talking to her and she herself raised the doubt. Actually, the problem is the school: they are into hiking some fees and she is confused and nervous. So, That's what I wanted to talk to you.
Namrata Okay. How much is the percentage hike?
Amit- I mean, she was talking that about 40%, school is going to hike the fees, which is....
Namrata 40%!
Amit- 40% of what we were paying till last year. So, that is too much.
Namrata That's I know as in.. and did you speak to other parents and people who were there?
Amit- No, not yet
Namrata we really need to discuss it
Amit- Yeah, so, that's what I wanted to speak to you also that what to do. I mean 40% is too much. Something is in my mind to sort out this problem.
Amit- One...
Namrata But, see we need to compare it
Amit- Yeah
Namrata with other schools as well
Amit- In fact, today's Sunday. Tomorrow morning I am going to two three schools and just want to compare it, whether they have hiked it or not.
Namrata You know Amit what we can do is ah there is no need to go to the schools, I know two of my friends whose children have been promoted to the twelfth grade itself, so let me call up them. Even you try to call up Abhinav's sister.
Amit- Okay
Namrata Her son is in, was in +1, so he would be going there, so we can discuss that. He is into a different school I guess. So, let's speak to three parents if I don't think....
Amit- In fact, I was talking to Riya and I was trying to take her opinion but, maybe, she told me few points. Maybe, she was saying like school wants to renovate the entire classrooms and that might be one reason they're hiking the fees.
Namrata As far as I remember, even last time there was a heading of renovation fund, but the fees u know was not as high. There was a Building Fund, there was a Renovation Fund. Even, from the beginning I 've been telling you the Tution Fees is very high for the school... Since, Riya joined we've seen that- compared to her previous school. Now they are saying 40%!
Amit- I mean ... she was telling me about different headings: Renovation is one point which schools are telling her, then they want Infrastructure Building fund, I mean what not they are: She was telling me Tution Fees. Last year also, they hiked Tution Fees by 20%, now again 40%.
Namrata See, Tution Fee I understand, the faculty and all, but renovation.. They really need to think about it.
Amit- But, Renovation they're not doing.
Namrata and why should she pay for something when she is not even going to enjoy the facilty
Amit- But, I think the problem is even if she shift to another school the same standard the same problem might appear. I mean every school wants money. So,
Namrata We need to actually think that out. How much money? It's not that we want to play with our sister's future but we need to think about it.
Amit- See, which all points she was telling me are genuiune, that's okay. Like she was saying Transportation, maybe hike in Fuel price, that seems to be, I mean justified. Computer education which is must, I mean we have to allow her to do all kind of Computer education. But, this Renovation, Infrastructure and Hostel charges. She was telling me that you have to pay Hostel charges even if you are not staying there. I mean something unbelievable
Namrata I know
Amit- They are just forcing that you have to pay; they are just taking money out of our pocket
Namrata I know I know, we really need to think about it. Can we speak to the Principal about it? Is it the school's decision or the Government's decision?
Amit- See,that's what we have to find out basically; you were saying you will speak to few people. I wanted to meet this Principal once so that let me clear everything and then only I can tell you that what exactly where is the problem.
Namrata I feel that we'll have to prepare Riya also she might have to leave the school, because it's her +2, it should not have a bad effect on her. You know, because the friends and all make a lot of difference at this age. What do you think?
Amit- At the moment it's too early to decide whether she has to leave it or not. Let's find out the correct reasons why school has hiked. Then we'll come out with some decision.
Namrata Fine, I'll do some research on this... then, fine Amit I'll get back to you. I'll call up two of my friends. You also call up Abhinav, take his sister's no. and I'll call up Dad today. Just message me his cell no. He'll be very angry.
Amit- Okay, Chao, Bye
Namrata Okay Amit take care, okay bye
Amit- Bye

The long conversation brings out certain errors we tend to comit while speaking to others...
try highlighting a few of them

पूर्व Purv

when translated into English, पूर्व becomes
1. proir
2. previous
3. erstwhile
4. before
5. ago
6. early


I found this helpful ppt on Preparation for Interviews. This is really nice

महत्वपूर्ण (Mehtvpurn)

महत्वपूर्ण translated into English becomes "Important"


The word is an amazing multi-facet collection of meanings.
Pronounced as Shanka शंका means:
alarm n
apprehension n
boggle n
doubt n
insecurity n
jealousy n
objection n
peril n
quandary n
scruple n
query v
scruple v
suspect v

Saturday, August 22, 2009

विशाल (vishal)

The word "विशाल" in Hindi gets translated into English to imply a number of meanings. Used mostly in the form of an Adjective, विशाल means:

a) huge, gigantic, capacious, magnificent, massive, palatial, spacious
b) ample
c) grand, extensive
d) astronomical, colossal

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

किस्मत (kismat)

Call it LUCK or FATE, the word is taken both positively and negatively.

Example, आज तेरी किस्मत मे एक सुंदर लड़की से मिलना लिखा है। is taken in a positive sense.


दुआ है कि अगली बार आपकी किस्मत आपको धोखा नहीं देगी। implies that किस्मत is the Fate

Luck/Fate in the positive sense is also called सौभाग्य (saubhagya) and in the negative sense दुर्भाग्य (durbhagya).

कमी (kami)

This word in Hindi has innumerable meanings in English. A few of the meanings of कमी in English are:

1. Dearth
2. Decrease
3. Defect
4. Deficit
5. Lack
6. Paucity
7. Reduction
8. Scarcity
9. Shortage

For instance,
तेल कंपनियों ने ईंधन की कीमतों में 5 फीसदी की और कमी की।
In this sentence the word "कमी" has been used as a "decrease".

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taming inattentive students in the class

Write Dialogues for Taming inattentive students.

You are taking a class. A student is looking out of the window and seems pretty distracted.
What would you say if you:
1. are angry
2. want to sound sarcastic
3. don't want the issue to blow up
4. give a small reminder
5. set a strict lesson in the class?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Talk about the school you teach in


You teach in an Indian school ABC. You have to talk about your school and convince Mr.P to come and visit your school. Mr.P has come from a school in Canada and wants to collaborate with an Indian school in your area to share teaching mehodology and start a students exchange program. Your school's Principal has choosen you to speak to him.

Decide your words very carefully and then write the Conversation as a comment to this post.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Defining Giddha in English

Rhythmic clapping accompanying folk couplets or songs, mark the dance of Giddha, very popular in the region of Punjab, India. Performed by the women folk, this dance forms an integral part of any celebration or ritual in the region.

जलेबी (Jalebi) defined in English

An orrange-colored, round- shaped, fried suggary sweet

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

दुपट्टा (Dupatta) defined in English

A type of scaff draped around or near the neck by women in India, South- Asia

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Conversation between two friends on the weather in their cities

THIS CONVERSATION WAS HELD IN A SESSION ON "I SPEAK YOU SPEAK ENGLISH" BETWEEN TWO ATTENDEES Dhana Lakshmi AND Zain(carried on by the Moderator Namrata herself with Lakshmi). Their dialogue was noted down by SARANYA and edited by the Moderator Namrata herself.

Two friends are talking to each other on the phone after a long time. They eventually start discussing the weather in their cities/towns.

NAMRATA:Hi Lakshmi, How are you?
LAKSHMI: Hi Namrata, I am good.
NAMRATA: How you doing?
LAKSHMI: Yeah, I am doing good. What about you?
NAMRATA: Great. How are your parents?
LAKSHMI: They are very fine.
NAMRATA: and your job?
LAKSHMI: good. What about your job?
NAMRATA: very nice
LAKSHMI: How are you feeling today?
NAMRATA: I am fine, actually three months back I wasn't feeling very well. Now I have recovered. and what about you? how s your health?
LAKSHMI: yeah I am also
NAMRATA: Okay and how's the weather over there?
LAKSHMI: Yeah it's very hot and the temperature is around 37 Degree
NAMRATA: you must be getting tanned?
LAKSHMI: yeah, what about over there?
NAMRATA: I have heard the blistering heat over there is ruining everyone's peace. Is it so?
LAKSHMI: Yeah. In some areas it is like that, but in my area it's not like that.
LAKSHMI: What about there?
NAMRATA: It's not very hot over here and not very cold, but in the evening it's quite pleasant.
LAKSHMI: Then, you are so lucky to be in that area. I think I'll come there for a week
NAMRATA: Wow, when are you going to come?
LAKSHMI: I'll tell you later.
NAMRATA:Okay. Lakshmi, I have got to go and let's catch up some time later then?
LAKSHMI:Okay bye.

The conversation contains errors and is in simple English. In the session, words and phrases like 'Blistering heat' and 'basking in' were recommended to talk about the heat.
Post your comments to enrich and improve the conversation..

Striking Conversations

Talking to friends, relatives and acquaintances is a pretty easy task when it comes to to updating each other on "what's new in one's life". The problem begins when it comes to extending these conversations beyond these preliminary exchanges to discussing things in detail.

Let's put up a few conversations here to see how well we converse in English.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Understanding Similar Words

Using the right words at the right place and at the right time requires understanding the minute differences in their application.

Here is a cluster of Similar words. Just read how close they seem, yet how different they are.

Is giving insufficient attention to something that you must do.
E.g. he drank a lot and neglected his family.

To treat as unworthy of regard or notice, suggests voluntary inattention.
E.g. He disregarded my advice.

To refuse to take notice of.
E.g. You can't ignore the fact that many criminals enter politics.

To not notice something, or not see how important it is [miss] due to haste or lack of care.
E.g. It is easy to overlook a small detail like that.

It suggests either a willful ignoring or a failure to remember.
E.g. I often forget where I keep my keys.

Hindi to English; English to Hindi

The language Hindi, is the mother tongue of a major portion of the world's population. Hindi is being embraced as a means of communication by people of different nations across the globe.
Many people use English as a means to understand Hindi

Here are a set of words from Hindi to English and English to Hindi.

All those who face a problem in translating words, expressions or sentences from Hindi to English or from English to Hindi, just post a comment.

Monday, January 12, 2009


if you accept that someone has power on you, and you lower your self-esteem or prestige, you abase yourself.

If somebody shows u attitude or insults you then he abases you

this is a more critical situation where the other person leaves you bereft of your self-esteem and self-respect,
It carries a high degree of embarrassment with it

Imagine a dramatic scene when you have so much insulted that you can't even raise your head or meet the person again

Abusing could be a way to abase or abash
someone by using foul language