Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Taming inattentive students in the class

Write Dialogues for Taming inattentive students.

You are taking a class. A student is looking out of the window and seems pretty distracted.
What would you say if you:
1. are angry
2. want to sound sarcastic
3. don't want the issue to blow up
4. give a small reminder
5. set a strict lesson in the class?

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vijay.sohal said...

Taming Students
If I am teaching in class and to make my students attentive I would speak different dialogues in different cases:
A. In case I am angry:
1. Are you listening to me?
2. Can you give another situation?
3. Can you read this line for me?
4. There is nothing to look out. Then why are you staring out of the window?

B. If I want to sound sarcastic:
1. Come and sit near me?
2. Can you give the meaning of this word?
3. Are you listening?
4. Should we read later because you are busy over there?
5. What do you think should I continue or this is enough for the day?

C. If I don’t want to blow up the issue:
1. Excuse me is there something interesting going on over there?
2. Oh my God! Everyone look out of the window. The view is so amazing.
3. Ok! Now it is your turn, please come on the dice and summarize today’s topic.
4. I hope you are getting the things.
5. Students be careful, I don’t want to point it out.

D. If I want to give a small reminder:
1. What did I say?
2. Should we repeat everything we have studied till now?
3. Please come and write the definition on the board.
4. All stand and quickly repeat what we are doing.
5. Ok! We will discuss what we have studied till now.
6. Come on everyone let us all recapitulate what all we have covered till now.
7. At the end of the session, all students must write their feedback on a paper.
8. What do you think why this has happened?
9. Underline important points.

E. To set a strict lesson in the class:
1. All stand and quickly repeat what we are dong?
2. Quickly write down in your notebooks what you have studied till now.
3. Now I want you to come up and discuss the topic in detail.