Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spelling- IE and EI

Here is another set of lists containing words often confused by learners of English Spelling:



Waiting for you to add more

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Winner of the QUIZ

The WINNER of the Quiz held in two classes- Online English Dictation Class 7 and Spelling Quiz is the one and only Mohishukla
A BIG Congratulations Mohishukla
Mohishukla, you win a free entry to my any ONE of my I Speak You Speak English PAID class scheduled from September 12, 2011 to September 16, 2011. You can get the Public class scheduled at a convenient timing as well. To book your class mail me on namrataaro@gmail.com

Final Quiz on Spelling

Thank you all for participating in the Quiz

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spelling- NK

Here is a list of words having the combination NK:

To add more words to the list, post your comments here.

Spelling - EA and AE

Here is a list of words having the combination EA:

Here is a list of words having the combination AE:

Spelling - CH and CK

Here is a list of words having the combination CH

Here is a list of words having the combination CK

Spelling- XC

Here is a list of words having the combination XC


To add more words to this list, type your words as comment to this post.

Spelling- ST

Here is a list of words having the combination ST

Spelling - OA

Here is a list of words having the combination OA


To add more words to the list, you have to comment on this post.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Brilliant Ad: Fall in love with 'food'

Have been watching this Ad for a few months now. Love the way the emotion of 'love' has been linked with 'Maggi PAZZTA'

Friday, May 27, 2011

E-learning for you

Today, I will explore the option of e-learning in a live class and answer all your queries related to studying online:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Online Workshops for Break time

Did you just get a break from studies?
Are you preparing for placements and interviews?

Here are a few Summer Workshops that'll help you build up your Professional Skills
1. JOB Vocabulary
Do you want to know the right words for your Resume, C.V. or Interview?
Here is your chance to Speak the language of the Hiring Agents, Placement Consultants and Recruiting Officers
Be ready to view a whole gallery of images, videos and audio clippings to learn and master these words!

2. Conversations about Facebook
Try answering the following questions in FIVE sentences each:
i Have you ever poked someone on Facebook?
ii How many pages do you like?
iii How many times do you update your status?
iv What all do you find interesting on Facebook?
v How many games do you play on Facebook?
vi What kind of Applications have you added on Facebook?
vii How many friends do you add everyday?
viii How many hours do you spend on Facebook every day?

3. Paperless Public Speaking
I found one thing common among an Annual Meet of my old college, a Launch party of a famous apparel brand and the Farewell of a veteran at the office. The speakers: either the hosts or Guest of Honour spoke in the mike apparently with confidence but intermittently peeped into a scrambled piece of paper...

You can join all or any of these workshops by clicking on the links.
When the class webpage opens, you have to Click on JOIN THIS CLASS and enroll for it. At the date and time given on the class page, click on LAUNCH Class.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

मोड़ना, तह करना

मोड़ना [Mo(rd)na]
तह करना [Teh Karna]

Both the Verbs mean the same thing- "to fold"
Remember these when you fold clothes or a paper.

Basic Test Questions

One Class- 50 Questions on English

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Speaking in Public

Scene 1
As you set the mike in front of your mouth, your legs start trembling and eyes gazing at the huge crowd eager to listen to your speech. You swallow hard, wipe away the beads of sweat from your forehead and open a small piece of paper. After clearing your throat almost three times, you start with the Introductions. By the time you recah the fifth sentence, you have already moved your head down to read from the paper. The subsequent paragraphs are actually read from the written script as by now you know you have already spoiled the fun of speaking.

Scene 2
As you set the mike in front of your mouth, you smile and the crowd cheers as the excitement reaches your eyes. You are confident that the listeners will love what you are going to speak and narrate. You know you are going to talk about your own strengths and achievements; presented in a form that suits and appeals to the audience. You are happy to have this unique opportunity to ‘sing the melody’ and transform indiscernible information into material knowledge. As you deliver the GOLDEN WORDS, the listeners raise their eyebrows, smile and clap. Most of those who were leaning or sitting aback, straighten up as their interest gets incited in your speech. The speech is so awesome that the listeners grow sad that it ends; but, are at the same time satisfied that they got a chance to listen to an orator like you who never used a paper!

The good part about both the scenes is that the outcome of your attitude and behaviour is predictable. Why then take a chance by not preparing well for your speech? Join this unique online English class on Sunday http://www.wiziq.com/online-class/500405-paperless-public-speaking and prepare your Speech with Namrata Arora.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pepsi Change the Game- Series of Advertisements

Pepsi has done it again! The entire series of commercials do full justice to the words "mind-blowing" and "mindful":
Wtach the first one

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pronunciation Basics Tips

New words, lessons and essays; when read for the first time pose a certain degree of problem. For instance, when you read a pamphlet or leaflet selling tiles or a washing machine, you might come across new words, technical in nature; often difficult to speak or pronounce. And, you end up classifying the text as tough or difficult. Why get discouraged?
Here are a few common points that help you simplify pronunciation:
1. Know the difference between ‘p’ and ‘b’ (Put and But)
2. Know the difference between ‘b’ and ‘v’ (Ban and Van)
3. C is pronounced as Cat (sound of Ka) as well as Cell (sound of S)
4. Ch sound comes from stion or ture (Question) and (Picture)

Well, there are plenty of them; try adding them here.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Upcoming Online Classes

I teach the following subjects/ topics online:
1. I Speak You Speak English (Conversational English)
2. Written English
3. Formal English
4. Soft Skills
5. CAT Preparation
6. IELTS Preparation
7. TOEFL-iBT Preparation
8. GRE Preparation
9. I Speak You Speak English (Advanced level)
10. Management subjects- Marketing, Organization Behaviour, Human Resource, Principles of Management, and others.

To keep track of my online classes join my upcoming classes


बिना: without

I have heard this word almost a thousand times on the Radio with every song being played. The expression "tere bin" signifies the deep intent of "without you".

Friday, January 28, 2011

I Speak You Speak English from 'spicy' advertisement

Love the 'native- desi' attire coupled with the apt music! Watch the advertisement and pen down sentences describing the sequence of events in the commercial. A few handy words:

1. splash
2. encourage
3. pretense
4. fury

Demo class for Advanced English Speaking Course