Thursday, October 14, 2010

Conversation on colors/ colours

The most striking and obvious colours my students pick up are 'white' and 'black'. While holding conversations on colours, always remember the importance of shades in your life.
Here are some points worth noting:
1. Use words like 'hues', 'shades', 'patterns', 'light', 'dark', 'tinge'
2. When talking about your favorite color, add a pinch of excitement to your eyes as well as your voice.
3. Relate the shade with things around you- clothes, paint, furniture, trees- anything that reinforces your interest in the colour.

Conversations on Looks

Next time you comment on or compliment someone's looks, use these words:
1. Beatific
2. Blissful
3. Deliberate
4. Puzzled
5. Convinced/ convincing
6. Confident
7. Mischievous

These seven Adjectives can be used with Nouns like 'face', 'smile', 'expression' or 'look','personality' besides others. The most common Verbs that match the Adjectives include 'looks', 'appear','bears' and more...