Saturday, June 30, 2012

FIVE TIPS to Speak English Fluently

Are you looking for Tips to Improve English? Read the following aloud:
1. Think in English
What happens if English is your second language and you have to hold a Conversation in English? There is a likelihood that while framing sentences you'll think of the right words in your native language. STOP THINKING IN YOUR MOTHER TONGUE. Your THOUGHTS must be formed only in the ENGLISH language.
Now, look at this picture and think of FIVE English words that describe it.
Write these 5 words as Comment to this post.

2. The idea of Communication
When you speak English, always remember it is a means of communication and not a test of language.
Look at this image:

The smile itself communicates the message of happiness. You might not even have to hunt for an advanced level of Vocabulary for the same.
So, to speak English fluently, consider the language as a medium to convey your message.

3.Do Not Think Aloud
Have you ever thought how the listeners feel when you introduce yourself as "I am 'aaaa' John; 'eeeeaaa' living in 'aaaamm' New York."? Yes, you sound strange, unsure and maybe less confident!
That's why it is advisable NOT to think aloud especially by making sounds like 'ahh', 'aaaamm', 'aaaa'; the list goes on.
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4. Known Vocabulary
Forget it! Difficult words used incorrectly fail to impress even the most illiterate audience. Pick up words whose meaning and application you understand. It could be phrases as simple as a 'bright girl'. When you are confident of the words you are using in the Conversation, your fluency improves considerably.

5. Speak Daily
You want everyone to admire the confidence with which you use the English language. You have to work hard for it. Speak English every day. Read books, newspapers, websites but SPEAK SPEAK and SPEAK.

More tips Coming Soon...