Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Online Workshops for Break time

Did you just get a break from studies?
Are you preparing for placements and interviews?

Here are a few Summer Workshops that'll help you build up your Professional Skills
1. JOB Vocabulary
Do you want to know the right words for your Resume, C.V. or Interview?
Here is your chance to Speak the language of the Hiring Agents, Placement Consultants and Recruiting Officers
Be ready to view a whole gallery of images, videos and audio clippings to learn and master these words!

2. Conversations about Facebook
Try answering the following questions in FIVE sentences each:
i Have you ever poked someone on Facebook?
ii How many pages do you like?
iii How many times do you update your status?
iv What all do you find interesting on Facebook?
v How many games do you play on Facebook?
vi What kind of Applications have you added on Facebook?
vii How many friends do you add everyday?
viii How many hours do you spend on Facebook every day?

3. Paperless Public Speaking
I found one thing common among an Annual Meet of my old college, a Launch party of a famous apparel brand and the Farewell of a veteran at the office. The speakers: either the hosts or Guest of Honour spoke in the mike apparently with confidence but intermittently peeped into a scrambled piece of paper...

You can join all or any of these workshops by clicking on the links.
When the class webpage opens, you have to Click on JOIN THIS CLASS and enroll for it. At the date and time given on the class page, click on LAUNCH Class.

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