Friday, September 4, 2009

Conversation on Selling a mobile phone

You are a Sales person/Shop owner selling a mobile phone to an irate customer who wants the best bargain.

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nancy said...

Class on Edufire
Planning the conversation:
1. WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE: Big showroom, Big display, look around at different models before buying a mobile
2. Customer goes to salesperson who is free
3. Features: the salesperson tries to find out ur requirements abt features n price in the beginning itself. FEATURES OF RANDOM MOBILES
4. then the seller shows him one mobile
5.IC check it very carefully
6. Price
7.Quality and guarantee
8.IC changes his mind

IC (Reyna): good morning madame, can you show me this black and white cellphone
Sales person (NAMRATA ARORA): yeah, madam this is the latest model of ABC brand
IC: how much is this cellphone this abc brand
Salesperson: it i spriced at $ 300