Friday, May 15, 2009

जलेबी (Jalebi) defined in English

An orrange-colored, round- shaped, fried suggary sweet


Sharde said...

What's with the spellings?! Or does doubling consonants just makes it sound tastier?! :-)
More details this time, also from Wikipedia:
Jalebi (Urdu: جلیبی, Hindi: जलेबी, Punjabi: ਜਲੇਬੀ jalebī; Bengali: জিলাপী jilapi) is a South Asian fried sweet. It is made by deep-frying batter in a pretzel shape, instead of the funnel cake shape common in the U.S., then soaked in syrup.

Jalebis are bright orange or yellow in colour, but are also available in white. It is sometimes called onion or honyun rings.

It is served warm or cold. It has a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating. The sugars get partly fermented which adds flavor to the dish.

A similar sweet is imarti, which is red-orange in color and sweeter in taste, made in Uttar Pradesh. Jalebis in Orissa are also sometimes made of chhena.
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Jalebis served in India

In India it is served as the Celebration Sweet of India especially during the national holidays like Independence Day and Republic Day in the government offices, defence and other organisations. Similarly, Jalebi is one of the most popular sweets in Pakistan.

Jalebi is similar to the sweet referred to as "Zangoola", popular in the middle east. The Persian word for Jalebi is "zoolbiah," while it is called "jeri" in Nepal, derived from jangiri, and the Mogul Emperor Jahangir.

enigma said...

wow didnt know the history of jalebis.....good work..

nancy said...

Thanks a lot Enigma and Sharde

Priya Juneja said...

That's good.... I always thought funnel cake was the correct term for jalebi....

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good work in field of orange fried sweet.

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