Monday, June 21, 2010

Conversations on Negotiation and Bargaining

How do you ask for a discount at the posh Mall next door with your head held high? How do you convince your client that your services come at a fixed charge? After all, you do not indulge in any kind of bargaining when it comes to offering your consultancy.

What about striking a deal? Negotiating a deal or agreement with business groups and organizations or Government representatives; involves the use of technically professional language.

In one of my Classes on I Speak You Speak English, we started with a list of words relating to Bargaining and Negotiation. Then, the students and I held situation-specific Conversations where a negotiating party spoke dialogues with others.

The most frequently used words and phrases were:
1. "Our company's policy is..."

2. "True, but we do not work on these conditions..."

3. "Sorry Sir, our Terms and Conditions are fixed..."

Try to figure out some more. You can even type your own dialogues here.

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