Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Free Session I Speak You Speak English

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nancy said...

Here are the best sentences brought out by the participants. There might be a few minor Grammatical mistakes. Nevertheless, these special sentences made it to this list:

Mike_Alikhani : This is a beautiful yellow flower
June : The dazzling masterpiece has an awesome fragrance
Saurabh : The fragnance of flowers attracts bees frequently
PARAS : The yellow flower is for friendship
June : the yellow flower is considered a symbol of friendship
Nicu : these yellow flowers are often used for beautiful decorations
Saurabh : The yellow flower beautifies the environment with its fragnance
Saurabh : By presenting a bunch of flowers to guests, make guests generally smile.
PARAS : gift flowers creates smile
Anusha : A bouquet given is a smile nurtured.
vinodita_sankhyan : Lovely child presenting beautiful flowers to her teacher