Wednesday, May 13, 2009

दुपट्टा (Dupatta) defined in English

A type of scaff draped around or near the neck by women in India, South- Asia

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Dupatta (Hindi: दुपट्टा, Urdu: دوپٹا, Bengali: অরনা), The other names for dupatta are Chadar in Pakistan or orni, chunri, ,chunni and orna (sometimes shortened to unni by many Gujaratis), Punjabi "Chunni" is a long scarf that is essential to many South Asian women's suits. Some "dupatta suits" include the shalwar kameez, and the kurta. The dupatta is also worn over the South Asian outfit of lehenga, gharara or ghaghra- choli. The dupatta has long been a symbol of modesty in South Asian dress.

It is traditionally worn across both shoulders. However, the dupatta can also be worn like a cape around the entire torso. The material for the dupatta varies according to the suit: cotton, georgette, silk, chiffon, and more.

There are various modes of wearing the unsewn dupatta. When not draped over the head in the traditional style, it is usually worn with the middle portion of the dupatta resting on the chest like a garland with both ends thrown over each respective shoulder. When the dupatta resting is worn along with the salwar-kameez it is casually allowed to flow down the front and back.

The use of the dupatta has undergone a metamorphosis over time. In current fashions, the dupatta is frequently draped over one shoulder, and even over just the arms. Another recent trend is the short dupatta often seen with kurtas and Indo-Western clothing. Essentially, the dupatta is often treated as an accessory in current urban fashion. Nevertheless, the dupatta remains an integral part of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani clothing.